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Full Version: Java 8 Update 161/162 171/172 on Windows
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Hello world,

since the update to Java 8 Update 161 users on Windows report frequent crashes of the Java VM.

This is a problem that only Oracle can solve.

As a workaround, you could install Java 8 Update 152. Either

or directly from Oracle:

  1. Deinstall the installed Java
  2. go to 
  3. Click on Accept License Agreement
  4. Click on jdk-8u152-windows-x64.exe
  5. Create an Account and login
  6. Perform the download 
  7. Install Java 8 Update 152
There are news: Oracle has fixed the bug already:

I'm now hoping for a new Java 8 Release so that the error reports for Update 161 stop coming in :-)
Another update: the bug affects Java 8 Update 171/172 too :-(
A last update: Java 8 Update 181/182 doesn't show the bug :-)