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Full Version: bug in routefinding algorithm v1.24
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Hi Christian,

I think I've found a bug in the routefinding algorithm. Check the attached *.itn file. At some levels of zoom the route is drawn such that it ignores the waypoint between Kempen and Krefeld (#8) A roundabout route is drawn over the A40, A57 and A44. if you zoom in the route eventually gets drawn correctly along the L364, L362 and L379..


Hi Chera,

thank you for the report. The problem has been coming up by patches from January which aimed at making the map drawing more robust (it showed at lot of JavaScript error boxes in 1.23). Obviously, this affected the accuracy in high zoom levels.
Hi Chera,

please try the latest prerelease 1.24.11. It works for me - does it work for you, too?