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Full Version: Old Decathlon format - OMD-OMH
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Dear all,
I'm a Windows 10 64bit user.
The software provided by Decthlon to upload to their portal the OMD/OMH tracks generated by the old OnMove 200 wrist GPS is malfunctioning, for reasons that I currently can't investigate.
Downloading the latest version of the "OnConnect" software by Decathlon didn't solve the problem - the feature to save a GPX file does not work as expected.
I wonder whether there is a way to trick RouteConverter into reading the couple of files OMH/OMD and generate a GPX track - when the Decathlon portal was still operational, that was done by uploading the OMH/OMD to the portal, and downloading the resulting GPX.
Unfortunately, I can't attach the files to this thread - the extensions are not allowed.

Thanks for your help!
Hi, put your files in a *.zip archive to attach them here.