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Feature request - Dusha - 28.04.2008

Hi Team,

It would be really nice to have track->route and route->track conversion options for GDB and GPX files in next releases.
I guess gpsbabel does support this, so it should not be a problem at all.


RE: Feature request - routeconverter - 28.04.2008

Hi Dusha,

actually I'm using gpsbabel only for reading/writing strange formats like GDB, AXE... all the other processing is done in Java.

Please explain what you exactly want to convert? What are you using the track->route and route->track conversion options for?

RE: Feature request - Dusha - 29.04.2008

Hi Christian,

The background of the request is the following.
I'm using Garmin Mapsource on PC + Garmin navigation device for outdoor travels (hiking).
I have TOPO map of Germany in Garmin Mapsource format.

There're many sites on the Web that have routes available for tourists.
As example:
You can download a ready-to-go route in GPX format from that site for a selected location, but it is coded as "Route" and Not as "Track".
Garmin distinguish between these two formats and "Routes" can't be actually used on TOPO maps as TOPO maps does not support routing and it is simply not possible to display "Routes" on TOPO map.
On TOPO maps "Track" should be used instead.

BTW, I have found a freeware tool WINGDB3 for converting Route->Track and vice versa usuing GDB file as an input.
Just wondering if this functionality can be embedded in your great tool as well.

RE: Feature request - routeconverter - 03.05.2008

Hi Dusha,

this might be pretty easy as I'm playing around with code to distinguish the rendering of routes, tracks and waypoint lists. Be patient, I'll drop you a note once I'm ready.

RE: Feature request - routeconverter - 08.06.2008

Hi Dusha,

please try the Prerelease-Version from and give me feedback if this is what you were missing.