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More Maps - routeconverter - 10.12.2015

In the latest prerelease I've added a mechnanism to centrally manage online map sources and to allow users to define and use arbitrary own map sources.

This works as follows:
  • RouteConverter is searching below %USER_PROFILE%\.routeconverter\tileserver for XML files, which conform to the XML-Schema
  • The file defaults.xml contains the map sources that RouteConverter displays in the map selector by default.
  • It is a good example how an own file should be structured such that it is accepted by RouteConverter.

The following example should be self-explanatory for users that know online map sources:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?>
<catalog xmlns="">
  <tileServer id="OSM Street" name="OpenStreetMap rendering of OpenStreetMap data" minZoom="1" maxZoom="19" copyright="OpenStreetMap">
      "http://" + getOpenStreetMapServerIndex() + "" + zoom + "/" + coordinates.x + "/" + coordinates.y + ".png"