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CSV support - routeconverter - 13.06.2018

Dear all,

I've been planning it for years. And finally, with release 2.23 there is a first version of RouteConverter which is able to read and write CSV files encoded in UTF-8 and ISO Latin 1.

Since CSV file may have an arbitrary structure, RouteConverter needs information which column contains which type of data. Thus RouteConverter interprets the first line of a CSV file as a title for a columns that determines how the data in the columns should be interpreted.

The following column titles are currently supported:
  • Breite, Breitengrad, Latitude - latitude in WGS84 format
  • Länge, Längengrad, Longitude - longitude in WGS84 format
  • Höhe, Altitude, Elevation - elevation in meters above sea level 
  • Geschwindigkeit, Speed - speed in Km/h
  • Zeit, Timestamp, Zeitstempel, Date, Datum, Time - date in format dd.MM.yy HH:mm:ss with UTC time zone
  • Beschreibung, Comment, Kommentar, Description - comment 
Since the version 2.26 there is support for:
  • Richtung, Kurs, Heading, Course - in degree from 0 bis 359
  • Temperatur, Temperature - in degree Celsius
  • Druck, Pressure - in millibar

Please test and report!

RE: CSV support - trekopedia - 13.06.2018

CSV import / export works for me using a simple track. Tested on MacOS High Sierra using preview v2.24.

Thanks for implementing this - very useful!