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The future of RouteConverter - routeconverter - 05.12.2018

Dear all,

RouteConverter is now 11 years old and has given me and many users lots of fun.

Contrasting this, the year 2018 marks a turnaround. The issues with the Java 8 Updates 161 through 172, the Google Maps API Keys, and the removal of JavaFX from Java 11 have reduce the popularity of RouteConverter a lot. I can see this in the request numbers.

My goal was to create an easy to use software for the less experienced and give it to the world. This goal is no longer achievable with the events of the last year.

I have removed the Google (formerly Online) Edition from the site because it risks causing incalculable costs to its users.

The OpenSource (formerly Offline) Edition needs much more development time to give users the same ease of use as the Online Edition at their best. I can not afford this time right now.

Therefore, I will bring out a release 2.25 and then greatly reduce my commitment.

Many thanks to all who helped me over the years, wrote great emails and provided feedback

RE: The future of RouteConverter - IlmariKrebs - 06.12.2018

Dear Christian,

thanks for this great piece of software and all your time you spent for it.

All the best,