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shifting a group of markers or positions at once
Hello Routeconverter team,

I am located in China.
Would it be possible to mark a certain number of positions in the right side list and then open a windows to input an offset value X & Y to recalculate longitude and latitude to correct these track positioning or the complete track? Or alternatively, select a group of markers on the map area and drag them at once to a more accurate position?

Background is that I can't get an API code for google with a chinese VISA card, ... why ever.
But the maps of Google are much more detailed in China then other maps. So I import tracks made with google mymaps and there is the offset all time.
Now I determine the offset figure and take everytime losts of efforts by export CSV -> calculating the offset out by excel -> reimport the track data.

Any chance to implement the above mentioned function/window? Or any easy trick or hidden function?

Thanks for consideration.


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shifting a group of markers or positions at once - by Shuben - 05.11.2019, 10:04

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