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conversion from .kml to .pln or .flt files
Hi Jaro,

start with creating small files with 2 positions with RouteConverter. With 183 KByte of size and 4299 lines, the reason for crashes can be everywhere.

An obvious point is:

<ATCWaypoint id="LKPR">


<ATCWaypoint id="Position 2">
<ICAOIdent>Position 2</ICAOIdent>

I guess MSFS has an internal database of airports – and RouteConverter declares every position to be an airport

And "Position 2" is not the code for an airport.

Please start with 2 Positions and put the correct airport code into the Description field in RouteConverter. Does that work?

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RE: conversion from .kml to .pln or .flt files - by routeconverter - 07.04.2021, 19:16

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