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Using the application without Java installed
(08.10.2020, 22:10)poisonborz Wrote: I'm absolutely loving RouteConverter, but the Windows Java installation requirement gives me the creeps.
Would there be a way (or if not, as a feature request) to point the program to a static Java/JDK folder path for use? This way, Java wouldn't need to be installed on the OS level. The Java folder could even come bundled with the app itself. A number of other Java-based programs do this, eg. JetBrains IDEs.


You can use your own Java version by using the Routconverter-Jar. You can download it from the same location as the Exe file. You have to change the extension from ".exe" to ".jar" in the download URL from the Exe.
On the download site for prerelease versions exists a direct link to the jar file. 

Start it with "<path to your own java>\java.exe -jar RouteconverterWindows.jar"


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