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Using the application without Java installed
Thanks! I updated the title to better reflect the goal.
I should also mention it's better to use javaw.exe so that a console doesn't pop up.

I wish there was a better way for doing this... Or as written above, if it would come "pre-bundled" like this. Most newer systems don't have Java installed, and I doubt that they should be.

For anyone finding this thread later, to have RC running on Windows without Java installed (but a local Java JRE folder available) the steps are as follows:
  • Get a JRE folder (you can do this by installing Java, copy out the "jre1.x" folder from program files to somewhere, then uninstall).
  • Go to the download site https://www.routeconverter.com/stable-releases/en
  • Right click on the windows  link, and copy the address - paste it to your browser address bar and rewrite "exe" to "jar"
  • Create a .bat file with notepad with the following content:
    "<path to java jre folder>\javaw.exe" -jar "< path >\RouteConverterWindows.jar"

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