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Using the application without Java installed
I've just experimented and installed an "OpenJDK JRE" and then renamed the folder in "Common Files" from "OpenJDK JRE" to "Java" – and RouteConverterPortable works. So the lookup mechanism in the PortableApp Launcher seems to depend on that path name.

On an NTFS filesystem, one could create a symbolic link:
Quote:mklink Java "OpenJDK JRE"

I've found a blog post that recommends to hard-code the path to the Java version
Quote:start "close me" "..\CommonFiles\JRE_6u45\bin\javaw.exe" -jar "..\path\to.jar"

One could extend that idea to writing a .bat file that does some lookups for OpenJDK/Open JDK JRE/Java directories... anyone willing to jump in?

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