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Using the application without Java installed
(15.01.2021, 13:42)routeconverter Wrote: The BRouter profiles where downloaded before the first rendering of routes. I've moved this to the startup phase so they're in the Options dialog even if no route has been rendered yet.

I haven't created a new RouteConverterPortable release with the changes yet. Please stay tuned.

 Brouter profiles were really downloaded/shown if RC was restarted with a route request before - so this works now Smile 

But, the "time" problem ist still in this version I have downloaded some minutes before. ( port_pre_30.215 ? ), RC is blocked more or less. Date and Time spec is ok. (you may shift this to the "position empty thread")

Attached a log file, it may help. Sad


.zip   RouteConverter_log.zip (Size: 7.86 KB / Downloads: 239)

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