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Google Maps API Key

starting today Google demands the usage of API keys for Google Maps. Either there was no announcement or I haven't noticed it.

I've been uploading new prereleases and release of RouteConverter which contain a Google Maps API Key.

And I'd like to issue a warning: with the API keys Google is able to track the usage of RouteConverter. As soon as the quotas are exceeded, its not possible to use RouteConverter at that day anymore. You'll see an according error message.

These are the global limits for all RouteConverter users per day (whenever that is for a global company):
  • 25000 application starts
  • 2500 find places queries
  • 2500 elevation queries
The quote is pretty small as you can see.

Known workarounds are:
  • use the Offline Edition
  • be thrifty; currently there are only alternative for the elevation service where Google is effectively only queries for oceans.
  • help with the implementation of alternatives
  • wait until I have implemented alternatives

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