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Custom route converter
Hello everyone,
here is a thing I'm trying to acomplish and I'm not even sure it's the righht wey to go, so I decided to share my ideas here to see what you all recommended.
I'm building a project where I'm using Flask Class based views. I want the routes to a certain catalog area to be either accesible by item slug or by item id, so I can search by primary key when they are accessed by it, and still keep the slug acces for SEO reasons. Basically, I would have the admin panel link to their /route/<int:item_pk> and the user side website link to /route/<string:slug>. OmegleAppvalleyhttps://192168ll.onl/  

Does this make sense? I reckon I should write a custom converter for this, but I'm lost as how to acomplish this.
Dear Steven,

the topic of this forum is the GPS software route converter, not routing in Flask applications.

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