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No Google map visible in Routeconverter
Routeconverter always worked fine
Since the last update the Google map is no longer visible.

I noticed this in the file RouteConverter.log

Quote:SEVERE: Cannot create slash.navigation.converter.gui.mapview.JavaFXWebViewMapView: slash.navigation.converter.gui.mapview.JavaFXWebViewMapView

System is Window XP Pro
Please use Help/Send error report... for a detailed log. It might be related to 32/64 Bit issues or Windows XP. The log line above is not relevant.
Routeconverter works fine on with another PC with the same operating system, but not on my laptop.

Windows XP Pro32 bit
Java 1.6.0_23 (32-bit)
Firefox 23.0.1 (standard browser)
Routeconverter 2.11

This is the complete Routeconverter.log
I don't understand why there is NMEA date in the logfile when I started Routeconveter with the Java Console.
Is there remaining something in memory from an earlier attempt?

Can't quote the log file.

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