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Microsoft Excel support
Dear all,

I've been planning it for years. And finally, with release 2.23 there is a first version of RouteConverter which is able to read and write Microsoft Excel files in the formats Excel 97-2008 (.xls) and Excel 2008 (.xlsx).

Since Excel file may have an arbitrary structure, RouteConverter needs information which column contains which type of data. Thus RouteConverter interprets the first line of an Excel sheet as a title for a columns that determines how the data in the columns should be interpreted.

The following column titles are currently supported:
  • Breite, Breitengrad, Latitude - latitude in WGS84 format
  • Länge, Längengrad, Longitude - longitude in WGS84 format
  • Höhe, Altitude, Elevation - elevation in meters above sea level 
  • Geschwindigkeit, Speed - speed in Km/h
  • Zeit, Timestamp, Zeitstempel, Date, Datum, Time - Excel date in UTC time zone
  • Beschreibung, Comment, Kommentar, Description - comment as UTF-8 text
Since the version 2.26 there is support for:
  • Richtung, Kurs, Heading, Course - in degree from 0 bis 359
  • Temperatur, Temperature - in degree Celsius
  • Druck, Pressure - in millibar
Please test and report!

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