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using routeconverter in a java application
routeconverter Wrote:Hi ashwin_killer,

you know that RouteConverter is licensed under the GPL? If you integrate it into your Application on a source code level, you'll have to license your application under the GPL, too.

Sorry to be that clear but I currently do not see there's a benefit if RouteConverter is integrated into your application. In my view should explain more detailedly what you're planning if I should help you.


There is no trouble at all. It is your code. I will try to explain the situation.

I am a student from India currently working in L3S Research Center in Hannover. My part deals with introducing location based features into the Protune system built here. In order to allow GPS based features I am chosing routeconverter(as it is coded in Java). So in order to achieve this instead of calling routeconverter by the exe file i wanted to get the details by using the code. That is why I was asking about the code details. I hope you understand the situation now.
Hi ashwin_killer,

thank you, that makes it a bit clearer. I gave you the pointer to the NavigationParser class, the next thing you should have a look at is MapView and the routeconverter.html file.

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