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Google Maps and Directions
Hello everybody,

a while ago users have increasingly reported that there are problems with RouteConverter because the map is not displayed or because the display of routes lead to error messages.

It seems that Google is now looking more closely at counting requests. Since the introduction of the API key requirement a year ago, Google granted a quota of 25,000 Google Maps JavaScript API calls as well as 2500 Google Directions API calls in 24 hours.

New seems to be that
  • the 25000 Google Maps JavaScript API calls are a hard limit,
  • the 2500 Google Directions API calls also count for calls from the Google Maps JavaScript API and
  • the limit raised to 23 waypoints on Google's Directions API is again at 8.
This means that RouteConverter is no longer displaying the map and routes but error messages. Since I frequently use new API keys, this happens for some RouteConverter versions earlier than for others.

What can you do about it?
  • Google would want 0.50 USD / 1000 additional views up to a limit of 100,000 per day. That would have been 13957 more calls for yesterday or 7 USD. For a year, this would be 2600 USD since RouteConverter being used much more in spring and summer.
  • Google Maps API Premium would permanently allow 100,000 requests per day per API, but was about 10,000 USD a year in 2015.
If you think loudly about OpenStreetMap or OpenLayers or OpenRouteService:
  • There, too, are thoughts about cost coverage. Operating servers and software comes with costs.
  • The OpenCycleMap is already offered by a company that requests 195 pounds a month for its current use.
Perhaps the Offline Edition is a way out? If the Online Edition was abandoned, I could make the introduction to the Offline  Edition easier for occasional users.

What do you think?
The latest prerelease of RouteConverter allows to configure
  • Google API Key
  • Thunderforest API Key (for OpenCycleMap or similar)
  • Geonames Username (for elevation and geocoding)
below Extras / Options / Paths & Services.

Thus you get free private quotas with which one should get along.

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