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Google Maps Platform / No map visible
Dear all,

starting with June 11th in 2018 Google will turn off the simply to use Online Edition von RouteConverter:
  • the usage of an API key will be mandatory - this will make all old RouteConverter-Versions before 2.18 unusable
  • providing a credit card for API keys will be mandatory - I won't provide my credit card for the existing API keys so all RouteConverter users who haven't added a private API key won't be able to use RouteConverter until
  • Details can be found here and here
Let's see how this turns out. Maybe I'm adding a dialog to RouteConverter that explains how to get the mandatory Google Maps Platform API key. Or I'm trying to implement the map based on OpenLayers. Help is welcome ;-)

The error message looks like this:

[Image: uc?export=view&id=1X6x3hvfkTm3aTawK97WDikgwib7duGUz]

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