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map display error
(15.11.2022, 17:18)routeconverter Wrote:
(07.11.2022, 03:18)anders86755 Wrote: I used another software “GpsPrune" and the same map: Thunderforest, a map based on osm map. My data is displayed normally on this software. But it only displayed normally on zoom 1 to 12 and 19. It displayed error on zoom 13 to 18. RouteConvert and GpsPrune happen to be based on java development. Smile

  1. The Thunderforest map works fine here. Did you create and use your own map key?
  2. The error message looks like the from the old OpenCycleMap – has nothing to do with Java. Every client would load the same PNG.

Please read this: https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T187601#7642399
1. Yes, I created and use my own map key on "GpsPrune" and "RouteConvert". The map displayed normally even without key on "GpsPrune" and only disply "API key Required".

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