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TimeAlbum Pro photo timestamp problems
(22.07.2019, 19:39)routeconverter Wrote: Sorry, I didn‘t get it. Please resend again
Please confirm the email address - the only one I found in TimeAlbum was columbusservice@hotmail.com
That's the email of the Columbus support. You can find my email address in the FAQ section of this site.
As a result, how were you able to solve your problem? I'm facing a very similar problem. In my case, when I add a photo to the Time Album, the program adds two hours on top and similarly, cannot geotag them with the corresponding GPS data. Is there a problem with the time zone or is it a bug? I hope it won't be difficult for you to share the solution. In return, I can share with you an interesting guide on how to pose for selfies. I think every person in the twenty-first century should know how to pose for a selfie. Although I think not every person takes selfies and spends a huge amount of time on the Internet like me.
(20.11.2021, 00:18)wendylawrencec329 Wrote: How did you decide to solve your problem? I think I'm facing a fairly similar problem to yours. However, for some reason my program adds 2 hours. I can't even imagine what caused this problem.

What is the difference between universal time (UTC) and your local time zone? Two hours?

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