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fpl files not routing
I recently produced a few fpl files in the same manner that I always have but they did not work properly in the aircraft Garmin G1000.  My usual workflow is to open my route gpx files and then save as fpl.  I then name each user waypoint and typically a nice fpl file is produced which imports seamlessly into the Garmin G1000.  For the latest batch - when importing into the aircraft Garmin it says that the user waypoints were imported but they were not added to a flight plan.  My best guess is that there is a problem with the routing file so that it doesn't know how to connect all the user waypoints into a route the way it normally does?  That is just an amateur guess though.

If someone could help, I can attach an older file that works and a recent one that doesn't to see if we can find the problem.  I attempted to attach but received an error that the type of file is not allowed.

*.zip is one of the allowed file formats for attachments.
I have attached a folder with 4 fpl files.  2 pairs of routes with the older files that still load just fine and newly produced files that do not load properly in the aircraft Garmin G1000.

It would be very much appreciated if anyone can find the source of the problem with the new files.


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.zip   FileQuestion.zip (Size: 2.99 KB / Downloads: 12)
            <type>USER WAYPOINT</type>
In the o (I suppose the older or origin) an additional element country-code is present which is missing in the newer file version. In this example in the comment the code is CO0710 (CO + 4 digits) thereas in the new one the leading zero is ommited (CO710)

route-point element in old one has a element waypoint-contry-code and the waypoint-identifier is also CO + 4 digits compared to the new version without leading zero CO + 3digits code (CO710)



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